Friday, June 22, 2012

Vivid Vincas

One of my favorite flowers for easy, annual color is the vinca.  It can handle full sun, can tolerate a little drought, comes in a huge variety of colors, grows quickly, fills out nicely, and doesn't get leggy. A vinca will pretty much tolerate whatever conditions you give it.  The leaves will stay bright and glossy and the flowers will keep on coming.  How can you not love it?

New varieties show up all the time, with such variety that there's sure to be one that (or two or three) to complete your color palette.  To help you decide, I've decided to showcase several of them today.

Cascade Magenta

Cascade Peach

Cascade Cherry

Jaio Dark Red

Mediterranean Deep Rose

Pacifico Burgundy Halo

Pacifica Punch

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in White

Tropical Rose


Cora Burgundy

Cora Deep Lavender

Cora Polka Dot

Heatwave Blue

Santa Fe

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