Tuesday, June 5, 2012

True Blue

It's difficult finding a true blue flower to add to your garden, but when you do find a "True Blue" then the results are worth the hunt.  If it's blue you want, then we've got a few that are certain to find just the right spot on your porch, in your beds or cascading from a window box.

Blue Wooly Speedwell (Veronica).  Provide full sun and average well-drained soil for an incredible display of blue.

Blue Butterfly Delphinium.  Grows to only 14 inches tall and has deep blue flowers with a hing of purple.  Tolerates heat and blooms through most of the summer.  

Blue Daze Evolvulus.  With its natural spreading habit, this one is perfect for baskets, boxes and containers.

Blue Anemone.  Doesn't like the direct light, so it's perfect for semi-shady areas under trees or bushes.

Blue Lobelia.  Gorgeous and intense shade of blue.

Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophelia).  Delightfully tiny blue and white flowers.

Blue Shrimp Plant (Honeywort).  Blue blooms and a great scent.

Blue bugloss (Anchusa).  One of the truest blues around.

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