Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Handsome Hostas

Because of their immense ease, love for shade and desire for moisture, hostas are a favorite for gardeners when searching for a plant to fill those areas that do not get the benefit of full sun.  Their foliage patterns and textures add interest to garden areas where sun loving flowers won't grow.  Of course there are varieties that can tolerate some amount of heat and sun, but its the way they can enhance those areas of your landscape that once seem neglected and boring that makes them a true favorite and a staple in area landscapes.  Leaf sizes, colors and spreading ability are part of the selection process and with so many available varieties, you are sure to find one or two or even three varieties that will compliment and enhance your landscape.  In addition to the leaf, the flowers produced by certain hostas are prized for their fragrance, just one more item that deserves attention when choosing the hosta that will best suit your desires.

Aphrodite Plantain Lily.  Deep green glossy flowers with tall, white, very fragrant flowers.

Patriot.  A common hosta, appreciated for its defined variegation.

June.  Golden yellow leaves edged with a bluish-green make this hosta a winner.

Frances Williams.  Huge blue-green leaves, edged in a lighter green.

Striptease.  Golden leaves edged in bold green, produces pale purple flowers.

Deja Blue.  Another one with blue-green leaves, this one is edged in gold.

Great Expectations.  A color changer.  Chartreuse centers that go from yellow to white as fall approaches.

Tokudama Flavocircinalis.  Gorgeous leaves with very interesting texture.

Pathfinder.  Thick white foliage, edged in green.

Wolverine.  Long, narrow, blue and yellow foliage.

Whirlwind.  Another color changer, with leaves that grow upright.

Silver Threads and Golden Needles.  A cute, miniature hosta.

Golden Prayers.  Smaller hosta with lovely golden leaves.

Daybreak. Golden foliage, tolerant of light.

Sun Power.  Another light tolerant hosta, this one likes morning sun and afternoon shade.

Sum and Substance.  Enormous, bright green leaves.

Blue Mouse Ears.  Adorable rounded leaves.

Chartreuse Wiggles.  Long narrow leaves.  Not your typical hosta shape.

Aureomarginata.  Another big leaved hosta, leaves can grow up to 12 inches long.

Tracy's Emerald Cup.  Loved for its interesting cup-shaped leaves.

Yes, it's easy to find varieties of hostas that will work for you.  The tough part is deciding on your favorites.

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