Thursday, June 14, 2012

Enhancing Your Landscape With Professional Design

For many homeowners, making the decision to hire a professional landscaping company isn't always easy.  Many people do not understand the value that a well designed landscape can add to their home.  A well designed and maintained landscape adds impact and dimension to your home's appearance.  A professional understands how to compliment the architecture of your home and bring your personality into the design.

An expertly designed and installed landscape will aesthetically improve your home's appearance, much the way your interior furnishings do.  The difference, however, is that landscaping is a true capitol improvement.  Interior furniture and fixtures are not.  The financial benefit of a professionally designed and maintained landscape can add a 10% to 40% value to your home.  That is more than reason enough to consider such an investment!

A well designed landscape is more than plants.  It includes proper placement of plants, fences, decks, is the creation of exceptional outdoor spaces.  It is more than just a look.  It is an extension of your home.  Added living space, added recreation space, and added investment.

When designing a landscape, a professional will consider the flow of your yard and how you access the various areas.  A professional will see your vision in stages and have the ability to foresee how your landscape will grow and change with your budget.  Before you hire a professional, be certain they know your budget and how you intend to stage the various projects to complete your overall look.  With this information, a professional landscape designer will know what projects should be completed first to give your home the most value.

Visit your landscaper's website, look for testimonials and large photo galleries.  Does your landscaper have a blog that give you information to assist you in caring for your landscape?  Is your landscaper always available to answer your questions?  These are the things that set a landscape designers apart.


  1. I'm going to order business cards and want some input on what design to use. I'm thinking a beach or waterfall landscape or flowers. Or should I go with the typical foto of someone getting a massage? Should have a business name or use Massage Therapy by Me? Are there colors you associate with massage? Thanks for your input and help

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  2. This is very informative post. Thanks for sharing this. All the landscape designs are very beautiful.