Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Anything but mellow, yellow just might be one of the brightest colors around, especially when it comes to bringing impact to your landscape.  Yellow definitely doesn't POPS!  Somehow nature knows this, and yellow is one of the easiest colors to find at the nursery.  Yellow bloomers are plentiful and wide ranging, both in size and light requirements.  The difficulty lies in deciding what yellow flowers to include in your garden.  Whether you choose yellow as your primary color selection or as the color that pops through and shines, there will be no shortage when it comes to variety.

Black-eyed Susan.  With it's bright yellow blooms and growing ease, you'll have a blanket of yellow before you know it.

Coreopsis.  A lovely yellow shade that is one of the longest bloomers in the garden.

Leopard's Band.  Daisy like flowers that will bloom in shady spots.

Ligularia.  Lovely yellow spikes that love a little shade during the heat of the day.

Kerria.  Easy to grow, early blooming shrub.

Lemon Drop Primrose.  Does great in heat and drought.

Oxalis.  Comes in both annual and perennial varieties.

False Lupine.  Attracts butterflies and does well in heat and drought.

Creeping Zinnia.  With its spreading growth pattern and miniature daisy-like flowers, this one is great for container and rock gardens.

Globeflower.  They love moisture, so plant them in that soggy spot.

Yarrow.  Thrives with very little care.

Dill.  A tasty herb that produces a lovely yellow flower mid-summer.

SB's Sunny Dahlia.  WOW!

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