Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Small Space Landscaping

Not everyone has a sprawling yard to release their creativity and gardening desires on, especially in today's world. But that shouldn't deny someone the right to a beautiful landscape that showcases their distinct taste or the varieties of plants they love. Even if you own a condominium or a townhouse, you can create a space that will become your personal oasis. It all comes down to utilizing basic design technique.

A few things to keep in mind when creating for a small outside space:

  • Color - Place your bolder, brighter colored plantings up front. Putting them in front, will allow them to first catch your attention. The plants placed in back will seem to fade a little, making the space feel larger.
  • Frame It - Use a small arbor, pergola, tall shrubs, a small tree or garden art to create a frame for your small landscape. It gives a small landscape a noble appearance.
  • Cozy Things Up - A tiny back yard full of lush green shrubbery, that screens out the view beyond your space, can create an instant feeling of coziness.
  • Perspective - Long, straight lines give an illusion of space. A small fence or a small hedge can create this illusion.
  • Create Interest - The addition of pavers, a small retaining wall or some stone can add enough visual interest to make you forget the small size of the space.
  • Places to Go - Giving your space a destination, whether it be a hammock or sitting area in the corner, helps the area feel more spacious.

There are so many options when creating your landscape for a small space. Be creative. Tiny doesn't have to mean scarce...be bold with your choices.


  1. If you are looking for a bit of peace and tranquility for your small space, do not forget to add the element of running water. Whether you purchase a tiny pond or table-top/wall fountain, you can bring nature to you, while muffling annoying exterior sounds.

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