Thursday, February 2, 2012

Can you trust a groundhog?

It's February 2. We're all awake, waiting for that one groundhog to give us the info on what's in store for us the next six weeks. You have to wonder why, right?

Take a look at the calendar. There really ARE six more weeks of winter. We can't change the calendar or the official start of spring, can we? Rather than dread the next six weeks, why don't more people embrace the calendar and use the next six weeks as a count down to spring? Because seriously, it's not that far away. And with the winter we've had thus far, we have no reason to fear the season!

Take a calendar, any calendar will do. Find March 20 on your calendar, whether paper or on your computer, and count back to today. Write numbers backward from March 20 and you'll know every single day how many days it is until spring.

Here are some ideas:

Create a garden wish list - list the plants you'd like to see in your garden
Find out what gardening zone you're in
Determine your gardening budget
Visit your local botanical gardens
Stop by your library and research plants
Start seeds indoors
Buy a new bird feeder and feed your feathered friends
Go to the market, buy some fresh veggies and make a favorite spring recipe for dinner

The ideas are endless. Just have fun with it, and enjoy the countdown to spring. It will be here before you know it.

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