Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Clean Up & Maintenance

Yes, we've had a couple of chilly days this past week, but we've moved on and are ready to get those clean up and maintenance items checked off our February lists.

These are the items we feel need to be addressed:

  • Avoid using salt on frozen driveways.
  • Start up power tools, such as your lawn mower, chainsaw, or weed trimmer.
  • Sharpen and oil garden tools.
  • Don't forget to water!
  • Start seed flats indoors.
  • Feed the birds. They will help control insects when the warm weather arrives.
  • Create a garden calendar to help keep track of items that need to be completed.
  • Till your garden soil and work in amendments.
  • Read garden magazines and blogs to find ideas for your spring landscape.
  • Repair and paint window boxes, lawn furniture, and other items.

And most importantly, enjoy your outdoor space. Even if the temperatures are cool, bundle up, head outside and take a walk around your yard. You might be surprised to see what's already popping up.

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