Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Will You Labor on Labor Day?

When you think of Labor Day, you think of end of summer picnics, a day on the water, back to school prep and relaxing.  But for the typical gardening aficionado it means the beginning of the fall playing season.  In coastal Virginia we still have quite a bit of heat to deal with, but the days are shorter and the nights are cooler, making it the perfect time for planting and perfecting your landscape.   

Now is the time to get your lawn in shape.  We've had a wet August and September is the perfect time to plant grass or lay sod.  The conditions are perfect for the growth of grass.  If you do plant grass, remember to let it grow to a taller height before mowing.  Two and a half to three inches is optimal.  Fertilize your lawn as well.   Select and apply the proper fertilizer for your grass type.

Because the soil is warm, September may just be the best time of the year for planting trees and shrubs, as well as perennials and bulbs.  It's the perfect time to redesign your landscape or extend the variety and number of plants in your landscape.  One thing to keep in mind when planting a fall landscape, watering is still important.  Even though the temperatures are cooler and the sunlight shorter, you need to continue to water on a regular basis through the fall.

Fall is transplant time.  Be sure you transplant correctly and at the right time.  Transplanting can be touchy, so consulting with a professional may be your best bet if you're a novice.

It's not too early to start cleaning up your landscape and preparing for the winter months.  Cut back those plants that are done with their bloom season.  Add a layer of mulch to keep the new plants warm and to refresh the look of your landscape.

And when you're done, enjoy a cold glass of Sweet Southern Iced Tea.  Don't forget to add a freshly picked mint leaf or two from your herb garden.


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