Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Stone's Throw

Love the look of stone and rock in landscaping?  There are many different types of stone that can be incorporated into your landscape, and an infinite number of ways to use stone.  New ideas pop up all the time, and some of the traditional uses will never go out of vogue.  Our favorites?  You certainly don't have to ask twice.

I love this idea of creating a dry creek to channel rainwater to a certain area, while decreasing erosion.  I found the idea at Fine Gardening and the project completely performs a double duty, offering function and beauty.

Flagstone creates an informal walkway, and is perfect for cottage gardeners.  Naturalized placement, combined with a whimsical plant design conjures up feelings of fairies and fantasy.

Stone fountains add a peaceful, natural addition to your landscape. The tranquil sound of trickling or flowing water over natural rock or stone completes an exterior retreat.  There are endless design opportunities for building a water feature out of rock or stone.  The size of your yard isn't a real consideration on whether or not to add a water element, but it is a determinant on the design.

There are times when the somewhat simple addition of a large rock or two can be just enough natural appeal to complete your final look.  Large rocks and boulders are very heavy and if that's an issue, you may want to consider some of the artificial rock accents currently available on the market.  (Yes, this rock is an artificial alternative.)

If your landscaping style leans toward an Asian or Zen style landscape, then rocks, stones and boulders are an integral part of your design.  Stones are used for foot paths, walls and simple water features in this particular style of garden.

When we think of a walkway, many of us think of stone.  But we can also think of going outside the proverbial box and using the idea a little differently.  One of the most creative walkway ideas I've seen involves carving a walkway into your lawn with river rock or pebbles and creating round stepping stones using the grass.  It's unique and will definitely make the statement that  you are, as well.   I found this idea at Sunset, and I think it's nothing short of amazing.

Using stone as art, is a perfect way to let your creativity shine.  A mosaic walkway created from a variety of stones isn't just a walkway.  It's a piece of art.  Garden Molds tells you how to do it, and I thank them...from the bottom of my creative heart.

I adore natural stone in the garden.  I'm always searching for new ideas to incorporate stone into my personal landscape, as well as for the homeowners I design for.

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