Monday, August 20, 2012

Creating From Nature

On rainy days, as summer starts to creep away and thoughts turn to cooler days and even cooler nights, ways to bring the outdoors inside also mingle through our minds.  This weekend, during a particularly rainy spell, I searched for ideas that would do just that...bring a touch of nature into my home.  I thought I'd share a few of my finds with our readers.

If you've got some blank walls, this simple wall art project from Dishfunctional Designs uses only a few materials and will provide you with original artwork, with minimal expense.  Offbeat Home describes a similar project.

If you've got an area of your house that needs some cool, but minimal lighting then this idea from Crafts Warehouse will probably make the top of your list.  It's another easy way, but will definitely start a conversation with your guests.

Create a beautiful piece of fabric art to wear or hang. Try DIY Sun Printing!  This tutorial on Garden Design tells you exactly how.

Turn ordinary candles into a showcase for colorful fall leaves.  They will turn your table into instant art.  Better Homes & Gardens will show you how.

There are so many beautiful ideas to be found.  Take some hints from the work of others, and come up with your own unique was to beautify your indoor space with outdoor items.


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