Monday, August 6, 2012

Feasting on Flowers

One of the best ways to add color in interest to your menu is with the addition of fresh flowers.  There are many blooms that look beautiful on the side of a plate, but are also perfectly safe to use in recipes.  

Pansies are a flower that can gently float in a cocktail, or add a mild, slightly minty flavor to salads and other dishes.  

Begonias have a somewhat sour taste and is another salad addition.  Pretty to garnish with, delicious to munch on.

Marigold blossoms can be sprinkled on soups, pasta, rice and salads to add a bright touch of color.  

Dandelion flowers have a sweet, almost honey-like flavor when young.  If you wait too long to pick them, the mature flowers become bitter.  The dandelion has multiple uses.  Flowers are edible, can be made into wine and the greens, when young, are delicious steamed or tossed into salad.

Edible flowers are beautiful when frozen into ice cubes and added to summer drinks.

There are many edible flowers, with a wide array of flavors. It's always fun to discover ways to bring the garden to your table. 



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