Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vines are Divine

We all have a spot that needs that certain something. A mailbox that needs color.  Something unsightly, like a utility box, that needs some camouflage.  Perhaps, a porch post by the front door that would look great with some added interest and might even benefit with a bit of fragrance.

Finding the right vine can be a little overwhelming and we thought we'd share a few of our favorite vines. 

Trumpet Vine.  Quick to grow, this one attracts hummingbirds.  It does tend to be a little invasive, so be careful where you plant or plant it in a large pot. 

Honeysuckle Vine.  Another fast grower that attracts hummingbirds, too. 

Climbing Hydrangea.  Amazing.  Large clusters of white flowers, these grow into walls, fences and large trees.  Be careful where you plant, but if you find the right spot it will take your breath aways once it grows.  It's a slow grower, but it reaches up to 50 feet. 

Akebia.  Lovely purple or white flowers with a chocolate fragrance.  It's beautiful foliage gives it an added punch.  This one needs strong support as it can grow quite large.

Wisteria.  With its hanging growth pattern, this one is a perfect choice for a pergola.

Jasmine.  There aren't many vines that offer the stunning beauty and fragrance that a jasmine vine produces, making it a favorite for gardeners everywhere.

Clematis.  A large variety of colors and blooming times make the clematis vine a popular choice for mailboxes and porch rails.

Passion Flower.  This may be one of the most stunning flowers available to gardeners.  It's intricate, almost wax-like design give it show stopping appeal.

Mandevilla.  Grown as an annual, this elegant vine grows quickly and shows off its flowers all summer long.  To give it another season, bring it inside for the winter.

Whatever vine you decide on, be sure and find the perfect spot allowing it to display its beauty in the best possible way.

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