Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter's Over...say goodbye to the bunny rabbits

Every spring we get bombarded with calls asking us, "how can I keep the rabbits from eating my flowers?"  It's no suprise to get these calls, and we can certainly understand how it can be so distressing for so many people. Nothing can more quickly turn a beautiful morning into sudden disaster than walking out into your garden and realizing that something has eaten every flower off of every single one of your new annuals.  It's both sad and frustrating.  And while none of these cure are full proof, they can help keep your plants from being completely devoured.

DeFence. The stuff will keep the rabbits, and deer too, at bay. They hate the smell and taste of the stuff. Once dried, you won’t smell it. Plus, it’s organic and natural and won't harm kids or pets.

Add garlic chives or garlic bulbs to your flower garden.  Mix them in with the flowers here and there, and you might get lucky.

Marigolds.  Try planting them.  They are not a favorite of rabbits, and if you have enough of them around, then they just might try to find another yard with better tasting flowers.

A dog.  Yes, most rabbits aren't fans of dogs.  If you have one, chances are he or she will help keep the rabbits away.

Prepare this mixture for spraying.  Take a handful of habenero peppers, a head of garlic, a handful of marigold leaves and place in blender.  Add enough water to liquefy.  Strain it into a sprayer and spray it directly on your flowers.  Scatter the straining remains on your beds.

Grate soap over your flower garden areas.  We've heard it works, but we're making no promises.

Cayenne pepper.  We've all tried this one.  Sometimes it works, other times it does not.

If you've found some sure-fire solutions, we'd love for you to share them in the comments section.

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