Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bringing Sound to Your Landscape

Nothing can soothe the soul more than the sound of lightly splashing water.  Of course, who wouldn't want a gorgeous water feature as part of their backyard retreat?  But sometimes space and dollars come into play. With a little resourcefulness, ingenuity and time, anyone can make a small fountain for their deck, patio or sitting area by following a few simple instructions.  We've decided to share some simple instructions that can easily be altered with your own ideas, and you can also find more tutorials and instructions on the web.

Things you will need to get started:

  • 3 flowerpots of decreasing sizes
  • Water fountain pump
  • Waterproof sealant or adhesive
  • Acrylic Sealant for coating pots
  • Plastic tube or hose
  • Tube, preferably made from plastic
  • Plastic flowerpot stands or small bricks

  • First:

    Clean all your pots thoroughly and let them dry.
    For the base of the fountain, use a pot with no hole, or fill the hole completely with the sealant or adhesive. Apply a coat or 2 of acrylic sealant to make it water resistant. Set the pot aside for a few hours  to let it dry completely.


    Place the fountain pump in the bottom of the largest pot, taking care to ensure the opening is not obstructed.  Attach a plastic tube to the top of the pump.  Cut it off at a height that is just shorter that that of all three flowerpots combined.  Next run your fountain cord up and out near the back of the largest pot. 


    Now you're ready to add the second pot.  Place one of the stands or a brick into the bottom of the first pot.  Next, put the second pot on the stand.  Make sure your stands are small enough that the base of the second pot is at least one inch below the rim of the largest (base) pot.  Pull the tube throgh the hole of the second pot.  Seal off the area around the tube with the waterproof sealant.


    Repeat the previous step.  Make sure the brim of the third pot is the smallest so water runs down it into the second pot and then into the largest pot.  Slide the tube through and remember to seal the extra area around it.  You can add a tip or sprayer to this tube to give your fountain the desired flow.


    Once the sealant has completely dried, fill the largest (base) pot with water.  Turn the fountain pump on.  The pump will push the water from the base pot, into the second pot.  Fill the base pot again so the water pups into the third pot and water starts running down the side.  Once the flow is working, fill the pots with small pebbles, stone or glass rock.  You will probably have to remove some of the water once you do this. 


    Enjoy the sounds!

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