Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gardening Trends for 2012

What's new in 2012?  So much!  New plant varieties, new gardening styles, water conserving techniques, space utlizing design, vertical gardening and much, much more.  To inspire you, we thought we'd share some of the biggest trends we're aware of for 2012.

Heirloom Varieties, especially when talking vegetables.  They are much more organic (a huge trend) and colorful than the standards we've been forced to plant for so many years.  Organic tomatoes, peppers, and even melons make interesting choices for your garden.

Rooftop Garden Spaces.  You don't have to live in a city apartment building to utilize some unusual spaces.  If you have a flat roofed garage, consider using that space to create a green space.  Add some steps and some railing, a seat or two and some colorful plants and you have an additional room for your home. 

Everyone has a favorite plant that gives huge impact, but do they have the space for that plant?  Often the answer is no, and that's where dwarf tree and shrub varieties can fill that void.  Dwarf varieties need little room and less care than their larger relations.  True dwarf varieties rarely reach a height over 3 feet and this gives the gardener with minimal space an opportunity to truly express themselves with punch.  There are a number of plants, including hydrangea, butterfly bush and crepe myrtle, that come in dwarf varieties and give the gardener with a small space the opportunity to garden to impress.

Urban and Suburban Vegetable gardens have become increasingly popular in today's world. Producing your own organic vegetables is a trend that we don't see ending.  Not only does it save you money, but it's a healthier choice, as well.  That said, vegetable gardens have taken on a new look as well.  Design and visual appeal are important and urban gardeners everywhere are taking on the challenge.

People are continuing to utilize their outdoor spaces in bigger and better ways.  Part of that utliization has given homeowners the opportunity to personalize their outdoor spaces with decorative touches.  Yard art, fountains, furniture, table settings, lighting and color schemes are becoming just as important as indoor decorating, and the products available are exciting and new.

With a little inspiration, some inner creativity and the desire to enhance your outdoor spaces, these trends for 2012 can turn the outdoors into the favorite part of your home.

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