Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Bloomers

Who doesn't love March?  A good amount of this love comes around because of the beautiful blossoms appearing on so many trees in the Hampton Roads area.  Stunning is an understatement when trying to describe the visual that a large blooming tree offers.  We have a few favorites, and seeing these particular species in full bloom just screams "Spring is Here." 

Yoshino Cherry.  This is one of the largest of all flowering Cherry, with a habit that is more spreading than the usual vase shape. Broad canopy means it will provide shade for smaller patios, front yards, and other outdoor living spaces. A stunning single specimen in lawns or when used as a street tree. Even more lovely at your front-yard entry gate or to highlight a cottage garden. Large enough to line driveways or mark vehicle entries. Size makes it a great source of strong spring color in large home landscapes, parks and commercial sites.

Chinese Fringe.  This outstanding small tree will provide perfect interest for spatially challenged front yards. Wider than tall, it will also work well as filtered shade in outdoor living spaces that can afford to be overwhelmed by large trees. Set far back in the landscape against dark evergreen trees for a gorgeous bloom spectacle in sharp contrast. Show white blossoms become luminescent in the moonlight. Also works nicely as an accent tree surrounded by high profile perennials in the lawn.

Aurora Dogwood.  A spectacular accent tree for high profile front yards in the lawn or in beds with more diverse planting. Makes a stellar focal point in backyard landscape and it will draw the eye wherever it grows. Plant aligned with picture windows or sliding glass doors to better enjoy its seasonal changes from indoors. Good accent for shading and interest close to patio or terrace. Outstanding beneath a canopy of old shade trees or set into a woodland composition with understory species native or exotic. A valuable disease resistant replacement for dying Cornus florida and other susceptible dogwoods.

Eastern Redbud.  Redbuds offer four seasons of change in the front yard foundation planting for an eye catching display. A native of the eastern U.S. makes it a perfect candidate for wild gardens, wildlife gardens and all native landscapes. Add to beds and borders or to create long range focal point.

Alexander Magnolia.  A medium-sized flowering tree that is unmatched for elegant beauty and old-fashioned charm. Plant as a single specimen in the front yard or flank your entry walk with a matched pair. This is a darker Saucer Magnolia that produces better color for larger landscapes, where it stands out even at a distance. Such large softly colored blossoms make a great study near patios, porches and other outdoor living spaces. Can be planted as a small city street tree, but does not do well where pavement is salted in winter.

Chanticleer Flowering Pear.    Exquisite flowering tree displays a dazzling profusion of white flowers in early spring. Narrow, pyramidal form is coated with dark green summer foliage turning brilliant reddish-purple in fall. Ideal specimen tree for areas with limited space.

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