Thursday, March 29, 2012

Decorating Your Deck or Patio or Porch

You spend hours, if not days, contemplating the interior decorating of your home.  Why should you neglect that outdoor living space?  Once your contractor has finished his work, you should take a step back and truly engage yourself in this newest "room" of your home.  It's a blank canvas.  Relish in the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing.  Conceive a plan and make your deck, patio or porch a place where people want to congregate and relax.

The question many people ask themselves is, "where do I start?  We'll address the different areas, and then you decide which ones will work for your space.  Pull out a few magazines, tear out your favorite looks and get started on putting it together in a way that makes it work for your home. 

The floor.  A deck, patio or porch instantly becomes a "room" with the addition of an exterior rug.  There are plenty of choices on the market from grass mats to more "rug like" materials.  We love the selection at Outdoor Rugs Only and there's sure to be a color and material that works perfectly with your taste and space.

The furniture.  Not an easy choice, by any stretch.  Especially now, with so many people turning their outdoor spaces into actual living space.  Comfort should be key, so try it out before you buy it.  You do that with indoor furniture, make sure you do the same with the furniture that's going to serve as your oasis this season.  I am partial to wicker and cushions, but some of the more modern choices can be just as appealing and comfortable.  Brown Jordan continues to be a favorite manufacturer of mine, so I have no problem promoting their site.  They sell EVERYTHING patio and deck related.  If you can find something you like at Brown Jordan, you are one hard sell!

The cover.  Everyone loves the look of an umbrella, but we also love the function!  We're in Coastal Virginia.  Sometimes you just HAVE to have that shade.  The backyard umbrella industry has grown and changed in so many ways, and that can be attributed to the appeal of creating a backyard space.  Umbrellas can be found made of canvas, acryllic and polyester.  Your use and weather can help determine the material that will work best for you.  Crate and Barrel has an amazing selection of colors and shapes, and I'm particularly partial to their rectangular umbrella when looking for something different.  With the umbrella lights available, the purpose of an umbrella is carried into the night.

Planters.  Where to begin?  I love some of the modern choices, and if you're deck or patio theme lends itself to the modern, then you should consider a geometric, fiberglass planter.  This one's a favorite for me, for the shape and height interest.  Buying pottery from a local artisan is another smart decision. You're supporting your local artist and you'll be owning a piece of art.  And if you're feeling really creative, visit one of the paint your own pottery places and create your own backyard masterpiece.

Accessorize.  It's important to accessorize your look outside, in much the same way you handle your indoor accessorizing.  The Outdoor Selection at Pottery Barn is definitely swoon-worthy.  Pillows, dinnerware and pieces for outdoor entertaining, a small coffee table, decorative touches that include things to hang on the wall if your deck or patio is close to the house and lamps and lanterns to hold candles that are capable of withstanding the evening breeze. 

However you choose to decorate your outdoor patio or deck, be sure to take the time to give it the perfect look that reflects your personal style.  Have fun decorating!


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