Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planting for the Irish in You

With St. Patrick's Day quickly approaching, we're feeling a touch o' the Irish.  Since we're always "green" we thought we'd celebrate the Irish holiday by mentioning a couple of Irish themed plants.  .

Irish Eyes Rudbeckia 

Very unusual flowers for planting close up. Huge daisy flowers to five inches across. Aster-like petals in golden yellow surround a bright green center. Add to the middle of the border for some sensational late-season color. Performs well in container gardens. Herbaceous perennial.

Irish Moss

Handsome, lush deep green moss-like foliage forms a soft mat that is good along walkways and between stepping stones. Tiny translucent white flowers add to its beauty in spring. Tolerates moderate foot traffic. Evergreen perennial.

Shamrock Holly

Selected for its compact habit and bright, glistening new foliage, this dwarf grower makes an excellent hedge or border plant. The dense twiggy habit displays an abundance of black berries through winter,

Dark Dancer White Clover

Vigorous grower with dark purple-black, clover-shaped leaves and white summer flowers makes a spectacular groundcover. Intermingles with other plants well in mixed beds or containers. Easy-care perennial requires no deadheading. Heat and drought tolerant.

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  1. I love this black clover ! Mine is quite slow growing though ...wish it would spread faster.