Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's been a hot summer, and if you didn't anticipate such extreme high temperatures then it's quite possible the flowers you chose for your yard aren't looking too great right now.  There are several flower selections that you might consider for next year's planting.  Or you may want to add them this year if your landscape is desperate for a little summer color.

Hopefully our list of high heat tolerant flowers will help you find the perfect color addition for your beds and containers.

Blanket Flower (Annual Gaillardia) is a low growing, brightly colored choice.  It does amazing in high temperatures, will bloom into fall and can even handle a light frost.  Varieties of blanket flower include Fanfare, Firewheel, Arizona Sun and Grape Sensation.

Cockscomb (Celosia Cristata)  comes in a variety of colors and can handle the full sun.  Few flowers create such a show in the garden.  Varieties include Amigo Red, Armor Yellow, Flamingo Feather, Fresh Look Yellow, Fresh Look Red and New Look.  Plant them in the ground or in a pot where you need some dramatic impact!

A native of Mexico and Central America, Mexican Sunflower gives amazing height and color to your landscape.  It grows very quickly and thrives in the heat and sun.  It can reach heights of five feet, but its blooms are much smaller than the Sunflowers you normally think of.  It's bright and colorful and will bring the butterflies to your  garden.

Look around.  If there's a big swath of color you see thriving in someone else's yard right now, then there's a good chance it's Annual Vinca.  With so many colors to choose from and its love for hot, dry and humid climates, the question to ask yourself is "why did I overlook this one?"

Moss Verbena may end up being your favorite groundcover.  It grows between 6 to 12 inches tall, but has a spreading capability of up to 5 feet.  It's easy to grow, is drought and heat tolerant, attracts butterflies and comes in blue, purple and white flowers.

Dakota Gold Helenium can withstand extreme heat, while producing an amazing abundance of bright blooms.

Cosmos can handle hottest heat and the heaviest drought period.  They bloom and bloom, and will also reseed themselves.  Lots of color and size choices means there is bound to be one that will work for you.  Varieties include Cosmic Orange, Cosmic Yellow, Sensation, Sonata White and Versailles,

Now that you have an arsenal of possibilities to survive the hot, hot summer,  pick a few to plant and add some color to your less than bright landscape.

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