Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Bountiful Box of Beauty

Window boxes are a great way to add interest to your home's exterior.  They are an instant addition of charm and color.  There are several ways to use window boxes, other than under a window.  They are welcome additions to porch and deck railings, but can also be added to some unique and surprising spots in your landscape.

Beautiful and bright under windows.

Window boxes are a great way to give your color height.  They look surprisingly beautiful on long, low windows.

Choosing boxes that mimic the style of your window trim, creates an attractive image and gives magnificent curb appeal.

Full window boxes, planted with quick growing flowers give the most impact.

Turn your entrance into a dramatic burst of color with porch rail boxes overflowing with color.

Deck rails become more interesting when adorned with colorful planters.

A windowless area?  Try hanging a window box from a low portion of your roof.  Interesting and different.

Dare to be different.  Use clay pots inserted into a shelf for something a little out of the ordinary.

Not only do boxes look beautiful on deck railing, but think about adding them to the stair rails, too.

Dress up your fence with a window box planter. Pretty and gives the people walking past your house a little extra something to gaze upon.

Window boxes aren't just for summer.  Dress up a garden shed for the holidays with window boxes overflowing with greenery.

Take an old window frame, mount it on your fence and add a window box.  How can you not love it?

Think of creative ways to switch up where and how you hang your window boxes.  Deviate from the expected for something different.

During the holiday season, light up the greenery in your window boxes to add some twinkle to your exterior.

Bright and Full!  Makes a bold statement!

Or do it all.  Windows, railings and fences!

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