Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting Creative in the Garden

I'm always looking for creative new ideas to enhance my landscape and the landscapes of the homes we create designs for.  It's also fun to share these finds with our readers.  Whether you choose to implement my most recent discoveries or use them as inspiration to create something that compliments your personality, I hope you'll find our ideas a little different.

PEBBLE MOSAICS. I found the idea pictured below at Fine Gardening.  If you're like me and love the look of stone, tend to pick up stones on your walks and have a mixed collection of rock and stone, then this might be the project for you.  You may want to start out small with edging or stepping stones before you delve into something larger like the patio below.

LATTICE SCREEN. This next idea was discovered at Canadian Gardening.  If you've got an air condition located in a spot close to an exterior living space or window, making it an eyesore, then you might want to find a way to hide it.  This lattice screen completes that task perfectly, and can also serve a duel purpose if you choose to allow a flowering vine to climb it.

DRAGONFLY FENCE DECOR.  I LOVE a dragonfly and have often been known to specifically hunt down anything dragonfly related.  I thought this dragonflies made by Lucy Designs are cute and creative.  Made out of old ceiling fan blades and table legs, they definitely grab your attention.

WHITE PICKET FENCE LANDSCAPE ACCENT.  Love the look of a picket fence and a cottage garden, but an entire fence and cottage landscape just won't work in your overall look?  Create a small space by making a tiny area using a small amount of fence and just a few cottage perennials.  I found this look on Paint Ideas and fell in love.

COOLER COVER.  If you do a lot of entertaining outside, then you'll find this idea I found at Lumberjocks a perfect way to disguise your cooler.  Not only does it life your cooler off your deck, but it's an attractive to allow a cooler to blend in to its surroundings.

These were my favorites this week.  If you found a favorite, share a link in our comments section.


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  3. I love the white picket fence accent. Do the perennials face the road with the fence behind it? Thanks!

  4. Where can I find plans for the cooler cover?