Friday, March 9, 2012

Edging Options for Your Beds

Curious about options when it comes to edging around your garden beds?

With all the choices available, we thought we'd highlight a few:

Stone Edging

Mix and match stone shapes and colors for a natural edge.  Positioned in a winding pattern, a stone edging creates a nice shape for flowering ground covers to gently creep over.

Metal Edging

Metal landscape edging does a good job of keeping mulch in and keeping unwanted plants out.  It is more utilitarian looking than decorative.  It is also important to buy a quality product to ensure edges are not sharp.

Wood Edging

Wood landscape edging is a good choice for very large landscapes.  While it helps keep the mulch in, it doesn't do a good job of preventing unwanted plants from invading.  Since wood is biodegradable, it needs  to be treated to keep it from decomposing or warping.

Masonry Edging

Masonry (brick or concrete) edging looks great and comes in a multitude of styles.

Flagstone Edging

Flagstone and bluestone feature wide, flat faces that lend a romantic Country feeling to a garden. With the irregular shapes, it's a great choice for cottage style gardens.

Whatever you choose, some things to consider are cost, how long it lasts and especially, how will it look with your home and current landscape.


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