Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Spring Annuals

Nothing can brighten your landscape with bursts of color the way the seasonal color of annuals can do.  We all have our favorites, and as you wait for the warm weather to set in, we want to tempt you with some new and not so new annuals that will most certainly give your home a welcoming smile.

One new variety I am particularly excited about is Potunia Mochaccino Petunia.  I love the large creamy colored blooms with the brown veining.  It's different, neutral colors but showy at the same time. And that little touch of pink?  Perfect!  I'm hoping it shows up at my favorite nursery.

I adore orange and impatiens, (yes, they are impatiens, not impatients) and so it's no wonder I felt giddy when I heard about this new impatien variety, Patchwork Cosmic Orange.  I've seen it described as "if impatiens and a pansy had a baby, it would probably look like Patchwork Cosmic Orange Impatien."  And I totally agree!  The Patchwork varieties also come in pink and burgundy colors.  

Speaking of orange, this shade of orange always gets my vote!  I enjoy planting calibrachoa in containers and this new variety will definitely find a spot in more than one container this season.  Aloha Kona Mango is it's name.  This is a non-trailing variety that's strong and upright.  It also comes in Kona Cherry, Kona Mandarin, Kona Tiki and Kona Midnight Blue.  Actually, they might all find a spot on my porch or patio this season.  

This is just a tempting view of some of my favorites.  On one of first days of spring, it's quite chilly in Virginia Beach and looking at a few new annuals has certainly warmed me up.  As I find new varieties or rediscover some of my old favorites, I'll be posting.  I'd love to know what you've found.  Please share!


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