Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nothing Says Mom Like A Flower

Flowers have been a traditional Mother's Day Gift since...well, since forever!  But does anyone know how the tradition began?  Or for that matter, how the holiday itself began?  Why yes!  Yes, we do!

In 1908, Anna Jarvis, a West Virginia native began a campaign to establish Mother's Day as a national day of recognition for mothers.  But the idea of giving flowers for Mother's Day started a year earlier when Anna Jarvis brought 500 white carnations to her church one Sunday on the anniversary of her mother's passing.  Why white carnations?  Because they just happened to be her mother's favorite flower.  A fitting tribute, indeed.  She passed all the carnations out to the mothers in her church's congregation and the memorial to her mother was so well received that the very next year, the women joined her in her campaign for the establishment of Mother's Day.

Since that time, the traditional Mother's Day flower remains the carnation, and pink and white carnations each have their own special meaning.  Many girls and women will wear a pink carnation on Mother's Day to show their love for their mothers, while white is worn in respect for mothers no longer living.

If you're looking for a flower with special meaning, try some of these:

Pink Carnation. I'll Never Forget You.

White Carnation.  Sweet and Lovely; Innocence; Pure Love; Woman's Good Luck Gift.

Crocus.  Cheerfulness

Daffodil.  Regard; Unrequited Love; You're the Only One; The Sun is Always Shining When I'm with You.

Daisy.  Innocence; Loyal Love; I'll Never Tell; Purity.

Calla Lily. Beauty.

Orchid.  Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful Lady; Chinese Symbol for Many Children.

Dark Pink Rose.  Thankfulness

Pale Pink Rose.  Grace, Joy.

Red Rose.  Love, Respect.

Yellow Rose.  Joy, Friendship.

Red Tulip.  Believe Me; Declaration of Love.

Variegated Tulip.  Beautiful Eyes.

Yellow Tulip.  There's Sunshine in Your Smile.

Violet.  Modesty.

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