Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Blooms

Looking for something to add to your winter landscape? Consider planting Winter Variegated Daphne. Daphne Odora or Sweet Daphne is special because it blooms in late February. What's more welcoming than blooms in the winter? A bloom that offers a lovely scent. A bloom that lets you know that spring is about to arrive. With its dark green, glossy leaves with cream-colored edges, and long lasting purplish pink flowers with white throats, Daphne is a perfect choice.

Daphne is ideal for north and east facing beds, against walls and around patio and deck edges, where its scent is enjoyed up close. As a specimen, its variegated leaves are good for lightening shade garden plantings. Try in groups of three at corners and transitions from path to patio. It can even grow in a well-drained container. Daphne is a great accompaniment to go with Azalea, Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple and Astilbe.

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