Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Planting Now...It really is Okay!

With the mild fall we've been experiencing, it's a great time to plant or transplant trees, shrubs and ground covers.

There are many new species available, some with great color to carry you through to the spring. Two new nandina varieties which give a great cool weather show include 'Blush Pink' and 'Obsession'. Not only will these varieties bring color to your landscape, but they also attract songbirds.

With December approaching, many people's thoughts immediately turn to the Holly bush. Varieties abound, and the berry displays are part of many winter landscapes. Not only do they add to your exterior color, but they also allow you to bring color into your home when your cutting flowers of your summer and early fall garden have disappeared. 'Blue Princess' and 'China Girl' are two newer varieties, both showy and perfect for winter color.

And don't forget everyone's favorite cool weather color...the pansy! It's not too late!

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